Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Momma's Boy

I think it's time I write about Jameson now seeing as to how all of my posts have been about Gentry. Well as most of you know Jameson is probably the biggest momma's boy that has ever existed. I must admit that sometimes it can be stressful on me when I would like to go to the grocery store by myself, take a shower, go to bed early because I have a headache, and basically anything else I might want to do. There has been an extremely tight bond between the 2 of us since June 18, 2009 (when he was born). I'm not sure why he will hardly ever let anyone feed him, put him to sleep, rock him, or sing to him other than me. It makes me feel good that he loves me though! So here are some pictures of my right hand man, my little side kick, Jameson!!

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