Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend at the white house. We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather. Everyone with small children knows how beneficial sunlight and warm weather can be. So Austin's friend, Nick has a cattle farm. So we thought it would be fun to take the kids to see some cows. There is one there that you can bottle feed, which we thought Gentry would enjoy. She did not! She didnt want to touch the poor little 2 week old cow, she wanted to stay in a close proximity to the cow just not in touching range. Jameson wanted to ride the cow. He almost jumped out of Austin's arms to get to the cow. Everytime the little cow would go, "Moo" Jameson would laugh. Too cute! We also went and saw the Easter Bunny. Poor Gentry was scared of him too. I guess Saturday ended up being a torture Gentry day (sorry babygirl). Once again Jameson loved the easter bunny. He wanted to give him kisses. Well now it is raining outside and very cold, and I'm so glad we took the kids outside to enjoy the sunlight while we had it.

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